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How do I get my kid in STEM?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

I am often asked how do I get my kid into science, technology, engineering or math? What I tell parents is that STEM is about innovation, creativity, design, tinkering, exploring. Therefore, get your child educational toys and activities that do just that. It does not have to involve an expensive robot, it could be as simple as popsicle sticks or Lego(R). Try to get them into being a creator more than just a consumer of technology. I know it is hard but take them off the iPad or video games and have them write their own app or video game. Introduce them to websites like to learn Scratch or Blockly, TinkerCad or circuitslabonline. Help them discover the joy of lighting an LED, making a motor spin, or writing a message to an LCD. Then as they get older try to put them in VEX robotics, FIRST Lego(R) League, BotBall, SeaPerch, and other similar programs. Have them engage in other creative activities like music, sewing, cross stitching, painting, drawing. Including the arts in STEM to create STEAM is a great way to hook them in. Good luck and #HappySTEMMING

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