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about Me

What is a NoireSTEMinist®?

A NoireSTEMinist® is a person who devises new and innovative ways to bring STEM to people and bring people to STEM in order to diversify the field.


My motto: “My STEM is for the streets, taking it out of the classroom to connect with people on their turf.”

About NoireSTEMinist®, LLC

NoireSTEMinist®, LLC is an educational consulting company. Dr. Carlotta A. Berry offers workshops, presentations and demonstrations on diversity in STEM, women in STEM, mobile robotics education, and engineering education. She also consults and provides tutorials and videos on engineering and robotics curriculum.  She is an intersectional and multidisciplinary researcher, educator, author, and speaker.



Conduct research on mobile robotics education, engineering education, human-robot interaction, human-robot interaction, multidisciplinary robotics, heterogeneous robot teaming 


Provides presentations, workshops and demonstrations on diversity in STEM, women in stem, engineering and robotics education


Author of book on multidisciplinary robots and Black women in STEM, contributor to books on electric circuits, controls, signals and systems 


Consulting on human-robot interaction, human-robot interface, engineering and robotics education and curriculum. Create online tutorials, videos, and solution sets

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