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Children's Books Coming Soon!

I know it has been a while but trust me the work has not stopped. I am now not only a Black STEM Romance author but also a children's book author. Book one was conceived through the 2020 pandemic and on Friday, 3/29/24 it will finally see the light of the day. The cover reveal for #TheresARobotInMyCloset will go live. The book will initially be on sale on Amazon Kindle and print books with more venues coming soon. Learn about Malika and her robot Rovie below.

There’s a Robot in My Closet is the story of Malika, a young Black girl who loves to play with the robot in her bedroom. Malika has so much fun learning about STEM with Rovie she decides to share her robot with the rest of her family. Unfortunately, Rovie is shy and freezes when around others. When everyone is busy and doesn’t believe Rovie is real, Malika worries her family doesn’t want her and Rovie around. Rovie does a dance and twinkles lights to cheer Malika up, and she writes code so Rovie can draw, play music, and follow colors. Her efforts pay off and Malika is excited. When her family comes to see her and Rovie, she’s determined to share her love for STEM.

I am honored to be the first book on the #YoungRebels imprint as part of RebellionLit. Please also check out my #BlackSTEMRomance novels at

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