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My STEM Is For The Streets

What does My STEM Is For The Streets mean?

One thing I purposed to do during my 2020 sabbatical was to use social media more purposely. It is more than about food porn and cat videos. I wanted to grow my brand and make professional connections. I became much more active on social media.

I created the brand identity, NoireSTEMinist®, in April 2020. A NoireSTEMinist® is a person with a goal of diversifying STEM to include more women, Black and Brown individuals. This is accomplished by promoting and using STEM to make connections with various communities and bring more people to STEM in order to diversify the profession.

In June 2020, I came up with the motto, "My STEM Is For The Streets" to represent my goal to move my STEM from the classroom to connect with people on their turf. This was the best way to connect with diverse populations. Finally on my birthday, 7/4/21, I launched my website and business, NoireSTEMinist, LLC, educational consulting.


Just by doing these small things, I have received so many speaking engagements, awards, opportunities and connected with some really great people. I was able to get a speaking agent, launch a website and my own business, NoireSTEMinist, LLC and copyright NoireSTEMinist®.

In order to see what "My STEM is for the Streets" looks like in action, check out the engaging and educational robotics and engineering content on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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1 Comment

Cyril Azubuine
Cyril Azubuine
Jul 05, 2022

This is awesome Dr. Berry. Keep up the good work.

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