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OSHWA Trailblazer Blog Post #2: Rosiebot and Lilybot

My vision for my hardware platform is that it will be flexible enough to be used by everyone from novice to expert to make it appropriate for outreach, education, and research. It will be modular enough so that the use can add a variety of peripherals and sensors such as sonar, IR, line follower, photoresistor, etc. It will be open source so that academics can modify it to meet their individual needs so we will use a 3D printer, Tinkercad, and Arduino.

I will design a Lily-bot that will be used for outreach and introductory robotics for high school or freshmen in college to learn basic STEM. Lily-bot stands for little robot. It is also a play on words because this robot is the little sister of Rosie-bot that will be used for advanced robotics for undergraduate students, graduate students and research. Also roses and lillies are flowers, get it. #RoboticsForTheStreets #OSHWATrailblazer

I will share my journey through multiple venues to ensure that I reach all different types of communities make my Robotics for the Streets. This is why you will find my work on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instructable.

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